This phone repair shop in the southeastern Spanish city is different from its run-of-the-mill peers thanks to a striking internal design scheme.

Phone repair shops are a growth area in retail currently, probably owing not just to our ability to drop a smartphone and crack the face, but also because of an increasing unwillingness to upgrade perfectly good handsets that need just a minor repair from time to time.

For the most part, these shops are small units with bright fascias, and the recently opened Doctor Manzana phone repair shop in Valencia, Spain fits the bill in this respect.

It is different, however, by virtue both of the internal colour scheme and the space that has been set aside for “workshops and talks”, according to Masquespacio, the consultancy that designed the store.

The former is a mix of salmon pink, blue, purple and green with matt metal highlights, while the latter is a semi-discrete room with a royal-blue table, high chairs and fluorescent tubes overhead.

This is a complete proposition, right down to the phone accessories, all presented in packaging that mirrors the store’s colours, and offers a futuristic take on the business of creating a phone repair shop.