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  • The retail empire that emerged in the early 1980s has produced some of retail’s best-known names.

    The Kingfisher family tree


    The retail empire that emerged in the early 1980s has produced some of retail’s best-known names. Who are they and why was it such a hotbed of talent?

  • Easter bunny

    Easter: What do retailers need to know?


    Vouchers, offers, reductions and free delivery are the name of the game as retailers go all out to maximise sales over the crucial four-day holiday.

  • Analysis

    B&Q: Where do you start with overhauling the second largest store estate in the UK?


    Where do you start when it comes to overhauling the second largest store estate in the UK. Simple – set standards and then do everything “invisibly”.

  • B&Q’s new campaign focuses on the role women play in DIY decision making

    Campaign of the week: B&Q You can do it too

    March 23 2012

    B Q’s spring/summer campaign continues its shift towards a more emotive form of advertising, focusing on the emotional aspects of home improvement as opposed to the functional price-led approach it used to rely on.

  • John Ryan writes about all aspects of store design and visual merchandising.

    B&Q does the right thing


    John Ryan writes about all aspects of store design and visual merchandising.

  • Tesco

    Retail’s work record under fire


    Retail’s role in helping young people into work is under fire amid accusations of exploitation and pressure to make people do unpaid work, but protesters miss the point, reports Alex Lawson.

  • Retail Week Conference 2012: What topics will be covered?

    Retail Week Conference 2012: What topics will be covered?


    This year’s conference will give you the knowledge you need to compete today.

  • George Macdonald

    Attack on Tesco shows lack of respect for retail

    February 24 2012

    George MacDonald has written for Retail Week for more than 10 years, covering various sectors. He is a frequent TV and radio commentator on retail trends and issues.

  • Before opening a company-owned store in New York, Topshop tested the market with a concession in Bloomingdale’s

    International expansion: Lost in translation


    International expansion may afford growth opportunities, but it can be a property minefield. Nicola Harrison considers how to invest wisely in overseas territories.

  • Nicola Harrison

    A new phase for Kingfisher


    Nicola Harrison has worked on the news desk at Retail Week for three years, covering property, furniture, DIY, and entertainment.

  • Kevin O'Byrne

    Profile: Kevin O’Byrne


    Kingfisher’s group finance director has made the leap to B Q divisional chief executive and his experience should add drive to the DIY retailer. Nicola Harrison reports.

  • Delivery van

    On the road to success


    It’s taken a while, but retailers are finally making big strides in improving delivery services. Charlotte Hardie considers the change in consumer demands, and outlines some of the recent innovations.

  • Pat McGillycuddy

    Tailor your supply chain solutions


    As retailers demand continued improvements in supply chain efficiencies we need to ensure as a developer that we are delivering cost-effective warehouse solutions while maintaining the same level of quality and service we have made our name for.

  • John Lewis has a strong reputation for service that customers feel they can trust

    How to win spend and inspire people


    Customers might think they don’t want to spend, but they may just need some gentle persuasion. Rebecca Thomson finds out how to get people shopping when they think they don’t want to.

  • The B&Q ad campaign focuses on family memories in people’s homes

    B&Q Winter Sale

    Janaury 6 2012

    B Q’s latest marketing campaign is a central part of its biggest and longest winter Sale.

  • The Royal Wedding

    Review of the Year 2011: 04. April


    April provided ample evidence of the structural changes hitting retailers throughout 2011.

  • Martyn Philips

    Martyn Phillips


    As B Q launches its biggest ever winter Sale, Nicola Harrison asks its recently appointed chief executive what the future holds in store

  • Joanna Robb

    Joanna Robb


    Head of multichannel development and strategy, B Q

  • Opinion

    B&Q goes mobile


    Not having a mobile optimised website is the equivalent of not opening your store on Tuesdays.

  • B&Q

    Out of the ashes

    September 30 2011

    B Q’s new store in Witney is a former branch of DIY operator Focus. After visiting on a bank holiday Monday, John Ryan is convinced that, while its predecessor came unstuck, this one will do the job.