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  • Analysis

    Euan Sutherland: Home improvement


    As B&Q celebrates turning 40, Nicola Harrison talks to boss Euan Sutherland about his master plan to revitalise the brand

  • Analysis

    21 years of Kingfisher


    The Kingfisher story sums up UK retail over the past 21 years: a tale of ambition, innovation, internationalisation and transformation.

  • B&Q New Malden

    B&Q: Orange is the new green


    New Malden is home to B Q’s greenest store. John Ryan visits and tests out its eco-boasts

  • Analysis

    B&Q opens 'greenest' store in New Malden


    B&Q has opened what it terms its “greenest” store. As well as packing a host of eco-features, the store in the south London suburb of New Malden boasts what the retailer claims is the UK’s largest single selling floor – 117,000 sq ft.

  • Stephen Robertson cutout

    Further supply chain regulation is folly


    Are you aware of the high drama around Tom’s sausages? Fans have been taking a lot of interest in them as the subject of some tough supermarket negotiations on Radio 4’s The Archers.

  • Syd Prior

    Retail staffing: Power to the People


    Backing UK Retail isn’t just about the role the industry plays in the economy – it’s about the part it plays in communities too. Charlotte Hardie asks how store jobs have helped local people

  • ryan john cutout

    What future for green store design?


    Standing admiring the 30,000 “integrated” wind-turbine-to-be on the corner of the forthcoming B Q eco-store in New Malden, it was hard not to reflect on the way that things have gone with store design and the green agenda.

  • Big names: Richard H

    Do stars still sell?


    With marketing budgets feeling the pinch, retailers may be thinking twice about signing celebrities to front their brand. Charlotte Hardie asks when they’re worth it and how they can be put to best use

  • Opinion

    On doing the right thing


    It’s hard to talk to anybody about store design these days without matters environmental cropping up.

  • chocolatetaster_hotelchocolat

    The weirdest jobs in retail


    From professional pet food tasters to the man who makes a living blowing up toasters, Charlotte Dennis-Jones talks to the people with the most unusual jobs in retail

  • Analysis

    Back of the net


    Jonathon Brown’s work as B&Q head of multichannel will be under the microscope, as this area is a key priority for new Kingfisher boss Ian Cheshire. Jennifer Creevy reports

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    Hopes live on for Boots debt deal


    The idea that debt markets may be starting to relax again looked like a triumph of hope over experience as renewed attempts by Alliance Boots’ lenders to offload loans came to nought.

  • Analysis

    Quiet revolution


    B&Q’s rolling revamp programme is a key part of Kingfisher’s attempt to revive the DIY chain. John Ryan visits the latest store to get the treatment in Sutton and gives a progress report

  • Opinion

    Two cheers for Cheshire


    By the time Sir Geoff Mulcahy was edged out of Kingfisher he had transformed the retailer’s valuation from 100 million to 5.6 billion. Mulcahy gave back 29.50 for every 1 from investors.

  • Opinion

    The Retail Week – March 28, 2008


    New Kingfisher boss Ian Cheshire has a three-year plan to revitalise the embattled international DIY retail giant – or at least he will have, after spending most of the next year planning the plan.

  • Analysis

    Tough love


    The going is tough for B&Q, but HR chief Martyn Phillips hopes to aid the recovery by drawing on the skills of its staff. He tells Charlotte Dennis-Jones how he is turning their enthusiasm into sales

  • Opinion

    The Retail Week – February 29


    Recently promoted Kingfisher chief executive Ian Cheshire is wasting no time in sweeping his new broom through the business.

  • Opinion

    The Retail Week – February 1, 2008


    Surveying the wreckage of pub company Mitchells & Butlers, you have to conclude that Sainsbury's had a lucky escape when Qatari bid interest collapsed.

  • Opinion

    Non-food cannot afford to slip the net


    Even against modest forecasts, the January trading statement season was miserable.

  • Opinion

    Tenants will call the shots in 2008


    This morning, homewares retailer Dunelm reported a strong performance in its trading update in a market that has shown little or no growth over the past year.