Tesco has signed up to use an online recruitment and applicant tracking system from Bond International Software in its head office.

The grocer anticipates making 300 external hires and 400 internal moves are anticipated over the next year.

The Bond Talent system is being deployed to manage this process more efficiently and improve the candidate experience.

Tesco head of resourcing (commercial) Jane Smith said: “We will have the ability to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks whilst improving access to information – be that previous applications in the talent pool or tracking candidates throughout the recruitment process.”

She continued: “We will also be able to assess our time-per-hire, a metric we have not previously been able to measure effectively. Overall Bond Talent will enable to us make far better recruitment decisions, for both internal and external appointments.”

The web-based system is hosted by the software provider and is designed to complement existing human resources processes.

Tesco already receives many thousands of job applications every year through its web site for head office positions.