Tesco is inviting its customers to provide feedback on any aspect of their shopping experience that they want to discuss.

It is trialling the feedback service called Every Comment Helps in about 100 stores.

Customers can use a variety of methods to contact the retailer, either while they are still in-store, or after their visit. The grocer has described the initiative as part of its commitment to offer the best service to its customers.

A Tesco spokeswoman explained: “Customers can send us an SMS text, an e-mail, dial the freephone number, or use the traditional comment cards to give feedback.

“Many choose to do so during – or shortly after – their shopping experience, when it is still fresh in their minds. This freshness is one of the key aspects of the instant feedback service. All channels are free of charge to the customer.”

She explained that the system allows comments received from customers to be automatically analysed for their meaning in real time and dealt with accordingly.

“The system instantly analyses feedback and ensures that customers get quick, relevant and individual responses.

“It also routes messages to our customer service department and the store manager,” she said.

Tesco said that the service will run in stores at least until the end of November, when it will be reviewed. A decision will then be made on whether to continue the service in existing stores or roll it out to more sites.

Tesco is working with customer engagement specialist Fizzback on the service.

Fizzback previously worked with Marks & Spencer on a similar customer feedback campaign and is currently working with Phones 4U to help the chain improve its cust-omer experience.