Grocer agrees to meet TGWU
Tesco drivers have suspended a second strike at a distribution depot in Scotland, after management at the retailer offered to begin talks with the Transport and General Workers' Union (TGWU).

The TGWU said in a statement: 'The union announced that a 24-hour stoppage due to begin at noon [today] has been postponed in return for talks with the company about the issues of loss of pay, particularly overtime and premium rates, and union recognition.'

According to the TGWU, a three-day strike two weeks ago involved nearly 150 drivers and affected about 100 Tesco stores across Scotland. The union said Tesco has given Scottish drivers an ultimatum to sign to accept cuts or be sacked. Drivers at Livingston, near Edinburgh, were told they had to sign to new working conditions or face losing their jobs after news that the depot is moving to a new location 500 yards down the road.

However, union leaders have warned Tesco that the dispute could still escalate to a national ballot, as part of their ongoing campaign.