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The rise of the cyber attack – how retail became a prime target for hackers


As the world of retail moved online during the pandemic, so too did the thieves. These cybercrooks are hunting for customer data – and lots of it. Retail Week examines the increased volume of cyberattacks against retailers and how companies can protect themselves

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‘Retail has an opportunity to take customer relationships to a whole new level’


With a changing privacy landscape, understanding and connecting with customers in a meaningful, relevant and timely way will depend on retailers having a strong first-party data strategy, and building capability to leverage AI and machine learning to activate that data at scale. 

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Wrapping your messaging right – how to connect with consumers this Christmas

2021-11-23T05:30:00+00:00Promotional research for Criteo DHL TrueLayer and Yopto, by Ben Sillitoe

Knowing how and where to talk to consumers – and with the right message and tone – will be critical for retailers in the second peak season of the pandemic.

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Data: Retail sales inch up in October boosted by early Christmas shopping


Retail sales rose for the first time in three months as shoppers prepared for the festive season.

Where retail’s top bosses love to shop


As the retail sector finds its feet again after months of restrictions, which shops are the industry’s leaders most excited to visit?

Retail Week asks retail CEOs what their favourite stores are and why.