Fashion retailer Topshop has partnered with Barclaycard on a range of accessories that incorporate bPay contactless payment technology.

The collection features wristbands, smartphone cases, stickers and key chains, all of which include a bPay contactless chip that connects to a secure digital wallet.

The fashion retailer has partnered with Barclaycard on a range of accessories incorporating bPay contactless payment technology

Topshop bPay accessories

Topshop’s range of accessories featuring bPay contactless payment technology

Barclaycard’s commercial director of digital consumer payments Tami Hargreaves said: “The collaboration shows how the worlds of fashion and technology can combine to create a stylish and easy new way for people to pay using contactless.”

Shoppers can pay for items using the accessories in the same way they would with a contactless payment card. Barclaycard’s bPay technology is available to all shoppers, not just Barclays customers.

The collection will be available in selected Topshop stores and online from November 17th and prices range between £15-£32.

As with contactless payment cards, users can instantly shut down their contactless accessory via the bPay mobile app or website if it is lost or stolen.