Spanish fashion giant Inditex has introduced a system to its store design department to speed up the design process for shops worldwide.

The Windchill system, provided by PTC, manages the information Inditex holds about the building equipment, interior design and furnishing of its stores.

Inditex is increasing the standardisation of the furnishings and other interior design components used in its stores around the world. When branches are designed or redesigned, they can now be configured from a predefined set of components and modules in the system.

Zara chief of Estudio Arquitectura José Froján Resua said the system will reduce the pressure on the Spanish-based store design team.

“Our architects and interior designers are under constant pressure to deliver project plans and furnishing designs faster to the providers that have to build the stores and supply the furniture,” he said.

“Windchill will help us reduce design cycle times, better control the interior design and furnishing of our stores worldwide and improve our relationship with global suppliers, giving them access to reliable and up-to-date information for manufacturing.”

The system can link together information including project plans, design drawings, manufacturing plans, lists of materials and photos for the store design team to use.