Google Glass, the soon-to-be-launched wearable technology device, is set to revitalise the role of the store with its location-based promotions and in-store offers.

Almost a third of consumers would use Google Glass to access-in-store promotions and 27% would also like to be kept informed of local offers via the device, according to “Wearable Technology: The High Street’s Secret Weapon?” report, from digital commerce solutions provider Venda.

More than one in five consumers said they would like to be able to unlock additional offers and promotions via digital screens such as billboards or store window displays, which Google Glass could facilitate, said the report carried out by YouGov.

The device could also help improve the customer journey by detailing product availability on the high street.

Also, 16% of consumers would be more likely to update social networks with the retail products they like when wearing Google Glass.

Venda group chief executive Eric Abensur said: “Wearable technology has the potential to help both consumers and retailers. Consumers will be able to make informed purchase decisions and redeem offers, while Glass will help retailers promote the visibility of products on social networks in a novel and engaging way.

“However this and other in-store technology innovations that retailers choose to implement need to be intuitive, approachable and accessible to truly take off”.