Carphone Warehouse has moved onto a new hosting platform to help speed up its in-store internet connectivity, allowing better product demonstrations to customers and improved staff training.

The new platform is delivered by NTT Europe Online through Carphone’s remote support systems IT provider, CentraStage.

Carphone Warehouse channel platform manager Dave Newman said: “We are heavy users of bandwidth. This new platform allows us to push more content through to stores, which enriches the customer experience.”

High bandwidth previously slowed down streaming of content, which is important to show customers the full potential of the laptops offered.

Delivery of screensavers, used as advertising space for vendors, has also accelerated. “With the faster screensavers we have seen an increase in sales of a particular product - a positive result we can show to vendors,” Newman said.

Staff training on new products has been especially improved.

“Previously a representative would come in to teach them about the products. Staff can now learn by watching videos. Better product knowledge allows our staff to spend more time on the shopfloor helping customers,” Newman explained.

Carphone Warehouse will roll out the new hosting platform to its estate in France, Germany and Spain by October this year.

All the stores opened by Best Buy - Carphone Warehouse’s sister chain - in the UK this year will have the system.