Dyson has launched a new research and development facility in Singapore dedicated to integrating artificial intelligence technology into its products.

The electricals brand, which opened its first UK retail store last July, has invested $412m (£331.7m) in the research facility, which opened this month.

The brand’s new facility, called the Technology Centre, features working labs where research and development teams will focus on expanding the use of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices across the business’ product range, as well as developing its use of AI.

Speaking at the launch event, founder James Dyson said: “Almost every product can benefit from AI – lighting, purification, cleaning — everything that you see in a room needs artificial intelligence.”

The electricals brand rolled out its first IoT-enabled product last year, in the form of an air purifier that users could monitor and adjust with a corresponding app.

However, Dyson has plans to drive forward its use of this technology significantly.

“My view is that you don’t want to be holding a mobile phone and controlling devices through an app,” said Dyson.

“My dream is much rather that everything is automatic, and sets itself for you to your preference.”

To this end, the brand has begun testing home lighting and fan systems that will use voice and facial recognition technology to adjust a room’s temperature and lighting to a user’s preferences.