Carpetright has upgraded its broadband network as part of the resigning of a deal with its existing supplier.

Carpetright has signed a new three year managed service contract with Azzurri Communications for the provision, support and management of its Wide Area Network (WAN).

When Carpetright’s WAN contract recently came up for renewal, they engaged a third party to evaluate suppliers and the market. Azzurri was judged to provide the best business value and manage the correct blend of technology and infrastructure for Carpetright’s requirements.

The new contract has allowed them to upgrade their bandwidth, which will allow for changes to pricing or marketing to be quickly reflected in-store. The new WAN will also provide Carpetright with better visibility and monitoring capability into their network. This means they can anticipate and handle bandwidth peaks better.

The new WAN will also improve service by reducing the time from order to delivery to the customer. Group head of IT at Carpetright Jason Turner said: “We believe the new WAN will give us an edge in the market as it allows us to get vital data from our stores back to Head Office very quickly, and then out to our suppliers.”