Boots is producing personalised messages and coupons at the till as part of a drive to improve its loyalty programme.

It rolled out SAP technology to all 2,500 stores last month, enabling it to personalise coupons given to customers at the till, instead of offering the same promotions to all shoppers.

Marketing director Elizabeth Fagan said: “We want to become a personalised retailer in a mass-market world.”

Boots can now recognise customers at the till via their Advantage Card. The voucher given depends on whether the customer is male or female and their purchasing history.

Six million personalised coupons have been offered to customers so far instead of standard coupons, and Boots said the response to the offers had been encouraging.

So far 350,000 customers have also received personalised messages, where shop assistants are prompted at the till to speak to them about a particular Boots product or service.

For instance, customers who are eligible for Boots’ Parenting Club are being prompted to activate membership.