Some shops have run out of basics such as bread and milk after shoppers stocked up on them when snow gripped the country.

Deliveries were affected when drivers battled icy roads to get to stores and consumers panic-bought food in case they got snowed in, The Telegraph reported.

On social media, shoppers shared photographs of empty shelves in stores as far apart as Wales, Scotland, Bristol and London.

One customer, Libby Brooks, tweeted a photograph of shelves at her local Sainsbury’s store in Glasgow, which appeared almost empty other than two lemons, two kiwi fruits and tins of Haggis.

Consumers took pictures in stores including Tesco, Waitrose and Asda, and maintained that bread and milk had almost run out and shelves were bare.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told the newspaper: “Supply is good and essentials like bread and milk are still available – we’ve been closely monitoring the weather and adjusting stock levels accordingly.”

The snow has also disrupted deliveries to some consumers.

CollectPlus tweeted yesterday: “The adverse weather conditions, in particular, Scotland and Wales/the South West, means that there will be parcel delays. We are also closing our customer contact lines at 17:30 to allow our teams to travel home safely. Thank you for understanding.”