As Father’s Day approaches, Hermes reveals insights into what consumers are planning to buy and how they will be shopping this year.

Father’s Day is now just over one week away and it provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with the family and enjoy a little pampering. Much like Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day provides the industry with an annual spike in activity – and retailers are busy marketing their products as children seek to buy the perfect gifts for their dads. At Hermes, we thought it would be interesting to analyse Father’s Day buying habits, which produced some interesting results.

Of the 2,011 UK consumers we quizzed, exactly 50% of those said they were planning to buy their father a gift ahead of next Sunday. Unsurprisingly, clothes topped the list of items consumers were planning to buy (36%), closely followed by a voucher or aftershave (both 26%).  Alcohol (15%) also proved to be a popular answer, while many dads will be looking forward to receiving an experience day package (12%).

Buying habits vary across different regions. Just over 72% of people from the Republic of Ireland will be forking out for Father’s Day compared with just 32% of Scots. When it came to the value of the presents, the Irish once again proved to be the most generous, with one in three people spending more than £50. Children from the Southwest of England came bottom of the poll, with only 13% saying they would spend that amount.

We also asked respondents what they would buy their fathers if money were no object. Almost 44% of people would like to treat dad to a holiday. A house came in second with 25%, while a car also proved to be a popular answer with 23%.

Timely spending

Almost half of consumers (44%) said they will buy their gifts the week before Father’s Day, while 22% of us will wait until the day before. Historically, this would mean a last-minute dash around the shops to find the perfect gift, however consumers can now order items online from many of our clients on a Saturday and Hermes will deliver on a Sunday, via our seven-day service.

Predictably, the number of people who are now turning to online channels to treat dad is on the rise. Of those buying presents, 46% told us they would either buy some or all of their gifts online – which of course is a growing trend we have witnessed over the last few peak seasons.

I’m sure many readers will be aware that UK consumers spent £104bn online during 2014, the first time the £100bn barrier had been exceeded. There is little doubt that this total will be surpassed during 2015, as the popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday continues to grow, supplemented by other retail spikes including Father’s Day. That’s why Hermes is working closer than ever with its retail partners to ensure efficient forecasting during key events. The industry must now work harder than ever before – and until our kids buy that house, everybody at Hermes will continue to do so.

To see the full results of the research, click here.

  • Mark Pettit is sales & marketing director at Hermes