More shoppers supporting independent retailers over big-name grocers
UK consumers are rebelling against mass marketing and resisting shopping at multiple chains, according to consumer analyst house Mintel.

The 2005 British Lifestyles report found that shoppers are beginning to reject large supermarkets in favour of supporting smaller, local retailers and markets.

The report found that only 52 per cent of shoppers do all their grocery shopping at the supermarket, which Mintel notes 'is surprising as there is now a supermarket on almost every corner'. Instead, one in five - 21 per cent - say they prefer local shops, with one in three - 36 per cent - asserting it is important to support local retailers.

'There is clearly a belief that local traders should be supported, rather than allowing the supermarket giants to dominate,' said Mintel director of research Paul Rickard.

'Some may resent the fact that because of the supermarkets local traders are disappearing and our high streets are losing their individual character. Others may feel they can buy better quality, fresher produce from these local traders and markets.'

Quality of produce is, according to Mintel, an increasing priority for the modern shopper. This year, almost two-thirds of adult shoppers claimed that they only shop at supermarkets serving good quality and fresh produce, up from only 53 per cent in 1993.

It seems consumers are also choosing to ignore the pressure to buy the latest must-have gadgets. While the mobile phone and DVD markets have shown particularly impressive growth over the past few years, consumers are less likely to purchase or replace gadgets unless absolutely necessary. Only one in 10 adults feels pressured into keeping up with the latest technology.