Beauty retailer to capitalise on Christmas rush
Health and beauty retailer Superdrug will slash the cost of top brand fragrances by up to 60 per cent, in an effort to capitalise on the Christmas gift market.

Superdrug has slashed£15 million off its perfume products and will sell branded lines at heavily reduced prices. The brand names included in the price crash are Armani, Elizabeth Arden, YSL and Chanel.

A 100 ml bottle of Elizabeth Arden Red Door will sell at£15 compared with the RRP of£43, while Chloe eau de toilette will sell for£9.95 compared with a recommended price of£21.

As well as popular fragrances, Superdrug is investing£13 million in a three-for-two offer in the run up to Christmas on more than 350 gifts, from pink screwdriver sets, pink digital cameras and beauty sets with a boudoir theme.

Earlier this autumn the retail chain announced an£8 million investment into 'Saturday Shockers', its weekly one off deals focusing on beauty must-haves ahead of the Christmas rush.

Superdrug marketing director Gerry Murphy said: 'Christmas is a time for indulgence, when people tend to spend a little more on something special, this round of price cuts will enable customers to indulge more but spend less. It's our early Christmas present to our customers.'