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Murray Lambell


Murray Lambell: ‘Online and offline – it isn’t a binary game of winner takes all’


Over the past year, many have tried to pit ecommerce against physical stores. And with the regrettable loss of some big brands from our high streets it’s an easy assumption to make.

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Tony's Chocolonely Super Store


Store gallery: Tony’s Chocolonely’s Amsterdam chocolate factory


Dutch confectionery company Tony’s Chocolonely has opened an Amsterdam superstore where customers can create their own chocolate flavours.



Ranking: The UK's 50 most vibrant retail locations


Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the ranking of retail’s most vibrant shopping locations, with a swing away from city centres and towards smaller commuter towns in 2021.

Erin Brookes


Erin Brookes: ‘There is no doubt that further retail consolidation is coming’


Green shoots of optimism may be germinating, but it is certain that the last 12 months have left an irreversible imprint on the UK’s retail industry.

Six groundbreaking ideas to revive the high street

Six groundbreaking ideas to revive the high street

As non-essential shops reopen, Retail Week looks into what can be done to breathe new life into high streets:

  • How high streets and stores can adapt to serve people’s needs throughout the day
  • Smart collaborations between retailers can help make high street shops "more energising"
  • Town centres should "create a brand around" what their USP is