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Look East: What we can learn from the Chinese market


The overseas road trip used to be a regular event for retail executive teams. A valuable source of fresh thinking and new ideas, these trips were an opportunity to see the latest retail innovations at first-hand, observe alternative approaches to common problems and compare notes with non-competing retailers in other markets. Travel restrictions and the need to focus on the local pandemic response have put this type of trip on hold over the last 18 months.

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Illustration of interior of department store showing many people and displays as if from above


Where retail’s top bosses love to shop


As the retail sector finds its feet again in the months following reopening, which shops are the industry’s leaders most excited to get back to? Retail Week asks retail CEOs what their favourite stores are and why.

John Lewis Kingston 2021


False dawn or fresh start: Has John Lewis really got its mojo back?


While the consensus was that John Lewis’ first half would be an improvement from last year, the retailer has hugely exceeded expectations. Is this the start of a new day for the embattled department store chain, or a papering over of the cracks?

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Retail’s shapeshifters: Delighting customers by extending the brand experience

2021-09-14T05:00:00+01:00Promotional research for

Retailers and brands that offer an immersive experience, and do it well, are what we refer to in this whitepaper as Retail Shapeshifters.

The UK retail’s most influential leaders unveiled


The Retail 100 ranks the people transforming retail, speaking out, innovating, making headlines and driving growth.

This year’s ranking – produced in association with partners Braze, Mode and Okta – places special emphasis on leaders who have shown continued resilience and stepped up their support for colleagues and customers during Covid-19, while pivoting their businesses for the post-pandemic world too.