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Primark Birmingham


100 days since stores reopened: 10 key lessons retailers have learned


Today marks 100 days since retailers were allowed to reopen their stores following lockdown – and the retail landscape has changed dramatically. Retail Week analyses the key lessons retailers have learned since June 15

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How B&Q owner Kingfisher is switching to digital-first stores


Kingfisher has shifted strategy to prioritise in-store picking and new store types as it seeks to accelerate the integration of on- and offline.

Superdry is focusing on product, design and sustainability


Superdry’s Dunkerton: Product and sustainability will see us through


Despite the hit to sales suffered by fashion retailers amid the coronavirus pandemic, Superdry chief executive Julian Dunkerton is positive that, barring absolute disaster, the retailer’s design overhaul and new strategy will set it up for long-term success.

A second lockdown is possible as Covid cases rise


Analysis: Can retail survive a second national coronavirus lockdown?


As Covid restrictions tighten and the prospect looms of further ‘circuit breaker’ measures, Retail Week looks at how the industry would fare in a second lockdown.

Dynamic supply chains: Winning strategies designed for tomorrow’s consumer today

Dynamic supply chains: Winning strategies designed for tomorrow’s consumer today
  • Better understand key factors influencing consumer spending and customer experience in a post-pandemic world
  • Discover the role of data-driven insight in readying retail for a post-Covid future
  • How to navigate your supply chain through recovery and beyond