Weekday in Berlin’s Mitte district stands as an example of why this part of the German capital is always worth a visit and how it is one of the more important places to grab a slice of the retail zeitgeist currently.

Open for less than three months, this single floor Swedish fashion retailer engages from the moment you approach it.

On the day of visiting, last week, it was unseasonably warm and Weekday had therefore done the obvious thing – got out the deckchairs. This is something of a minor trend among the more forward-thinking Berlin retailers at the moment and Weekday-branded seats were placed directly in front of the store, giving shoppers the chance to relax.

The shopfront itself is simple with an industrial fit-out visible through the window featuring wooden palettes, fashion warehouse runner rails and gantry lighting. Once inside, what really impresses is the attention to detail. This is a store that caters for men, women and children and the same chromed coat-stand style display equipment is deployed for both genders and for childrenswear.

The difference between the kids and adults display equipment is the scale. The fixtures were identical except for the fact that the young children’s units were just smaller versions of what was being used elsewhere in the shop. This may not sound radical, but it is unusual – the normal modus operandi is just to fill an adult unit with more kid’s clothing in order to use the extra free space.

The shop was busy and the fresh and uncomplicated take on the business of selling fashion was eye-catching. It was also conspicuously low-cost, always appealing in today’s climate.