Wander past the average branch of Foot Locker in this country and the impression may be of a store that has a lot of trainers, but not perhaps of a highly wrought interior.

In Brent Cross, however, the retailer has opened a new format that will make you stop and take a second glance at the offer.

Dubbed The Locker Room, this small store’s provenance is easily understood, but both exterior and interior – designed by consultancy Dalziel + Pow – are different from the parent. The in-mall entrance, cheek by jowl with the centre’s anchor Fenwick department store, is understated American in appearance – there really is nothing flashy about a white on matt black logo that uses a low-key font.

What it does do is focus the eye on the curving lime and white parallel lines that are used to create a degree of personality for the brand and which also form part of the fascia.

A modestly sized single window to the right of the entrance provides space for a pair of mannequins and draws the eye, but does not distract from the view into the interior.

Within, this is a brightly lit interior where white and light wood fixtures and perimeter form the key elements. Large graphics also feature, with sporty types set against no background, adding to the clean design.

The store’s product offer is equally clear. This is a store where you’ll find shoes and equipment for football, running and American sports, although the boundaries of the latter are open to debate.

Nonetheless, this is a new look for the sportswear purveyor and is in almost every way that you might care to mention an improvement on a standard Foot Locker, which does look tired. It seems reasonable to expect further Locker Rooms.