With a mix of technology and brightly coloured graphics, Rose Biketown is a world away from what two-wheel enthusiasts would expect.

Located in the Mona shopping mall in Munich, Rose Biketown stands out as entirely different from the bike shop norm because of its in-store technology.

Designed by Stuttgart-based design consultancy Blocher Blocher, the 2,700 sq ft store features a black mid-shop space where the best-selling bikes sit atop oblong luminescent podiums.

For those who can’t find what they want, there are tablets installed in front of a large LED panel at the rear that allow shoppers to assemble customised bikes from a selection of parts.

More tech features in the “measuring station” where cycling shoes are fitted, as well as in the 320 sq ft repair shop.

All of which makes this a store that is clearly aimed at the two-wheeled fraternity, but which does so in a manner that almost turns the stock into futuristic fashion items, rather than bikes.