If you’re going to be a specialist, be special. On the basis of a visit to Kitchen Provisions, good merchandising gives this store an edge.

The main reason that shoppers will frequent this newly opened indie on north London’s Church Street is to buy top-end kitchen knives.

It has everything from relatively inexpensive Opinel clasp knives from France to professional chef implements courtesy of Peckham’s Blenheim Forge, which will set the buyer back a searing £700.  

Workshop-style design

The store design has been given the ‘workshop’ treatment with glass-topped wooden cabinets to display the knives, and the top-of-the-range merchandise is shown off in a case attached to the wall behind the counter.

The store also offers a sharpening service, provided by the staff in their leather aprons (which are also for sale).

Added to this are a few provisions and condiments, interestingly displayed on work benches and step ladders, so even people who usually buy their kitchen tools from the supermarket would enjoy a look around this store.

For a taster of what’s on offer, there is a well-stocked website: www.kitchenprovisions.co.uk