Making much of little is what Kirk Originals, an eyewear retailer and optician, is about. Its products are uniformly small when put in the context of the size of the space that accommodates them, and yet the store has real wow factor.

With a design created by consultancy Campaign, all of the merchandise is displayed around the perimeter, on white tripods sporting pairs of eyes that intermingle while sticking out from the wall.

These are given additional prominence by the fact that the whole of the perimeter is painted a matt, gunmetal grey, allowing the brightly coloured stock to pick up the light from the overhead spots.

Each pair of glasses has something different about the way in which it is displayed, whether it’s a straw-blonde moustache beneath the eyes, or the different expressions of the eyes peering out at shoppers.

Mention should also be made of the store windows, which feature asymmetric shapes suspended from the ceiling, each bearing an eye. Founder and chief executive Jason Kirk says that the intention behind the store design is to bring glasses to life and there can be little disputing the fact that his ambition is achieved.

“I could show you half a dozen pairs of glasses that would look good on you but it’s a matter of making it interesting,” he says.

Kirk adds that plans are in place to open “a few more stores up and down the UK”, although declines to mention locations. Meanwhile, in a sector all too frequently characterised by relative boredom and a heavy emphasis on low price, this is a real departure from the expected. Even if you aren’t in need of glasses, you’ll probably pause to take a look.