Size – the Carnaby Street sports shoe store where the footwear walks the walk and the interior talks the interactive talk.

Size has been on Carnaby Street for a while but has recently been revamped and expanded. The outcome is a two-floor fashion sports shoe emporium that makes the business of shopping for footwear more engaging than might usually be expected.

The interior places a heavy emphasis on stripped-back interiors with wooden floors, white walls and exposed brick, allowing the stock to do the talking.

It is the light boxes and kiosks that really set this one apart. From the moment you step through the door and view either the illuminated cinema billboard in the stairwell or the assembly of light boxes near the entrance, the interactive mood is set.  Head further in and a kiosk bearing the legend #ladieswholace allows the full Size range to be browsed.

A staff member confided: “Yes we are part of JD Sports’ empire, but we’re better.”

On the evidence of this store, if sports fashion is what you seek, this is a heavyweight contender.