Canadian men’s streetwear brand Atelier New Regime shows off its true colour with a flagship boutique in Québec’s largest city

Fashion brands come and go, usually accompanied by a ’flagship’ store opening (meaning there is only one outlet), about which a lot of noise is made initially. And in store design terms, the smaller the space, the more likely it is either to boast a kaleidoscope of bright colours or to be monochrome, for which read black and white.

True monochrome, or single-colour, stores are in fact comparatively unusual and rarely are they quite as bold as this example from Montréal-based brand Atelier New Regime, catering for the male streetwear set.

From the outside in, this new store is a high-gloss orange statement with no compromise made to any other tone. The only deviation is the lighting, which takes the form of a white neon square overhead.

At 600 sq ft, the store is boutique-sized, and the whole of the interior has been designed by local design business Consult. What it succeeds in doing is turning heads and refreshing jaded visual palettes among Canadian shoppers, something any fashion shop worth its salt should manage.