Luxury accessories brand Aspinal of London presents its grand version of the good life at its new flagship on Regent Street.

The term ‘domestic’ can mean different things to different people. For luxury accessories brand Aspinal of London, which has just opened a two-floor flagship on the lower end of Regent Street, the word carries connotations of living in the grand style.

Designed by consultancy Caulder Moore, domestic in this instance means a curving dark wood staircase, chandeliers, Chesterfield sofas and a patterned plaster ceiling in a wood-panelled library-style room on the first floor.

There is also a hallway up the staircase with an image of a woman who wouldn’t be out of place in a ‘deb of the year’ contest.

All of which means that this interior is at some remove from most people’s idea of domestic, but it is perfectly on brand for Aspinal shoppers looking for a piece of the good life.

It is also flawlessly executed and, as a pastiche of English country house living, it is as well behaved and steeped in faux heritage as anything in central London.