Nike and JD Sports collaborate to open Crosstown Running, a shop dedicated to shoes and clothes for runners, in Westfield London.

Sometimes a store’s name goes a long way towards telling you exactly what to expect about what lies within. Crosstown Running is newly opened in Westfield London and its logo, etched in glass above the door and with JD logos on either side, goes the distance when it comes to setting expectations.

This long, relatively narrow interior is about shoes and clothing for jogging or running and is a collaboration between JD and Nike.

The shop has been open for a couple of months and as well as offering a competent range of sports clothing displayed in a setting that pays a passing nod to the white scaffolding of American Apparel, it gives things digital a good outing. The latter takes the form of white dot-matrix signage at shelf-edge level and, at the back of the shop, various screens, small and large, on which customers who have put an appropriate hashtag into their phone can record their athletic prowess.

In the mid-shop display are body forms that have been fashioned from wire mesh and appear to be jogging along the white shelf on which they are positioned.

There is an importance attached to customer-facing digital product promotion in sports retailing that is at present some way ahead of the rest of retail and this store is a prime example.

Physically, the unit shares an internal entrance with the JD store next door, but it would be perfectly possible to enter this shop and be largely unaware of that, because both the merchandising and the products make this a complete lifestyle offer.

It is also a good example of how brands are tying up with retailers to create stores that are different from what either would normally offer.