A children’s film and a book of edible landscapes provided inspiration for Candy Cloud, a new addition to Dublin Airport’s ‘walk-through’ zone.

Located in the recently finished ‘walk-through’ zone in Dublin airport’s Terminal 1, Candy Cloud is the first standalone confectionary store from travel retail company ARI.

Occupying about 1,000 sq ft, the store was designed by London-based consultancy The Design Solution and takes inspiration from the film Wreck it Ralph as well as photographer Carl Werner’s book of edible landscapes A World of Food.

The outcome is an airport retail shop that has planes and clouds as its principal feature, creating the impression of a space made out of sweets. This effect is reinforced by lollypop signage and cloud-shaped gondolas with candycane legs in the middle of the shop, while the pink and white striped floor has been designed to remind shoppers of candyfloss.

The central area of the store is given a lift thanks to a replica hot air balloon basket.