Love it or hate it, a pop-up shop devoted to iconic British yeast spread Marmite has opened at the Piccadilly Circus end of London’s Regent Street.

Spread over two floors and created by fledgling design company SunHouse Creative, the lower ground floor is devoted to product, while upstairs is a 1950s-style tearoom where shoppers can enjoy a cuppa and a round of toast with Marmite.

The store features a raised plinth in the window where a pair of mannequins are seated at a breakfast table where Marmite takes centre stage, while behind them is a pyramid constructed from Marmite jars. Elsewhere, other oddities include a black turntable on which jars of the condiment spin endlessly and a bamboo bird cage containing a jar of the black stuff.

At the back of the shop, a multi-colour Union Flag with a Marmite jar at its centre covers the whole of the rear ground floor wall. Painted by recent graduates from The Royal College of Art, it was created during the course of three days, according to Rupert Pick, director at Hot Pickle Trading, which runs the shop.

The store will remain open until the end of the year.