Lidl’s Easter ‘Lidl Surprises’ campaign pivots on the premise of people being more astonished by Easter bargains than life-changing news.


For instance, over an indulgent-looking lunch, a woman tells her other half that she’s thinking of leaving him for someone else. Rather than being shocked by the news, her partner is more surprised that the reasonably priced three-bird roast and Prosecco on the table are from Lidl.

In another ad a woman tells her mother that she has got engaged to a 74-year-old man, but mum is more shocked about where the Easter delights around her are from.

Another ad shows a man being told by his host that at six o’clock the guests usually get naked and dance round the bonfire. The man reacts not to this but instead to the wine bargains available from the supermarket.

Radio commercials have been released concurrently with the television adverts and there will be outdoor activity too.

Lidl’s humorous campaign stands out in the grocery sector, which can often be rather twee and predictable in its advertising.

The well-executed campaign, by agency TBWA, ticks the right boxes of showcasing the range of product available from the discount grocery retailer and its competitive prices.

But while Shaun Madle, creative director at the Think Tank enjoys the idea of the campaign, he worries that it relies too much on close-ups of the products. He says: “With fewer products shown the concept would have had a little more room to breathe.”