Retail Week’s annual shopfitting survey will provide an exhaustive overview of the sector’s health

Retail Week’s annual survey of the UK’s shopfitting industry is set to be published on September 4, providing a snapshot of the state of the industry and its prospects for the next 12 months. As in previous years, we rely upon companies within the sector to volunteer information about their financial health and profitability, as this is almost invariably more up-to-date than obtaining this from Companies House.

For those who prove unwilling or unable, for whatever reason, to supply this information, data will however be taken from Companies House. To ensure inclusion in the survey, please send details of sales in your latest financial year and pre-tax profits to

As well as a league table of the UK’s top shopfitters, the six-page focus will also consider which retailers are using the services of specific fit-out companies and how they approach the business of retaining contractors. There will also be a section in which topics including sector consolidation, international business and taking advantage of weakness, are tackled.

Please ring John Ryan on 020 7728 3593 if you wish to contribute to this.