Tesco has opened its second department store in the Czech Republic, after its debut in the northern city of Liberec in March.

This time, the grocer has opted for the capital and built a 150,000 sq ft, six-floor store in Prague’s Narodni district. And both floor order and merchandise layout is a distinct move on from the Liberec store. In the best traditions of continental department store retailing, food is in the basement, beauty is on ground floor and then there are two levels of fashion. Kids, audiovisual, toys and stationery are on third and homewares, a cookshop and a cafe are at the top of the shop.

All of which sounds almost entirely predictable, but this is a lot more than a gentle stroll through mitteleurop department store retailing and another step away from Tesco norms.

As in Liberec, there is virtually no mention of the fact that this is actually a Tesco project. The store is called My Narodni – although visit the food floor or look at some of the clothing brands and the clues that this is a Tesco shop are certainly there.

It is the slick delivery of this store that makes it far from run of the mill. Tesco’s work with design company Fitch seems to have resulted in a format that could be comfortably adapted elsewhere. The visual merchandising, put together in the main by SFD, is also noteworthy, with generally a more polished feel.

It seems unlikely we’re about to see Tesco’s take on department store retailing in the UK, but British department store retailers should make the trip to take a look at this. It’s certainly worth a low-cost airfare.