It rarely matters how much good work is done on the internal design of a store, the basement is always a second-class citizen. In department stores it often houses a food hall, the logic being that this will turn it into an area shoppers have to visit.

It is refreshing, therefore, to visit Le Bon Marché, grande department store dame of Paris’s left bank, and find something different. In place of a food hall or homewares, much of this low-ceilinged basement has been devoted to a 50th anniversary celebration of Danish designer Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair.

Many will be familiar with the shape but the sight of 50, brightly upholstered and set in a white space, is striking. Copenhagen-based Israeli artist Tal R is behind the exhibition and, while it may appear a pretty profligate waste of selling space, people were heading down to look.

It has always been part of a department store’s remit to create an experience and that’s what the exhibition at Le Bon Marché is all about. Sadly, the show ends tomorrow – but tickets are still available if you jump on the next Eurostar.