For some people golf is about technique, a sport that means precision, practise and money spent on a regular basis.

Elord – a store from the South Korean golf manufacturer of the same name that opened four weeks ago in downtown Seoul – is a store where the money part of this formula certainly comes into play, but is quite a lot more besides.

This is a shop that attempts to live the game that it sells clothing and equipment for, with an interior and exterior design that mimics elements of golf. From the outside, the curvilinear shape is intended to remind shoppers of a bunker and its form is emphasised by lines of LED lights that run across the front of the shop.

Step inside and you’ll discover that this is not the sort of place to get a lambswool jumper with a diamond design on its front or to test drive a No 3 wood in an area with a tee and netting that masquerades as a driving range.

Instead, you are confronted with an interior that has more in common with a fashion shop on Carnaby Street, where the curves of the exterior are mirrored by glossy, white minimalist forms within. Stippling on the wall, and fixtures that look like exploded globes that display shoes, are both intended to provide reminders of golf balls.

This is a very long way from the normal expectations of what a golf shop should be about. Designed by London consultancy JHP, you might imagine this would be the response of Marni or Prada to creating a sports shop.