Long Tall Sally has introduced a retail system from Eurostop to better manage the stock across its different channels.

The retailer is using the system from Eurostop to capture sales across its 21 stores, and monitor stock across its catalogue and online business.

The retailer has two stock pools, and the systems are allowing it to deploy stock across both its retail outlets and mail order.

The head office system is allowing Long Tall Sally to make automatic replenishment decisions, so stock levels are topped up in stores to pre-set maximum levels. The management team adjusts these levels towards the end of the season to ensure that stock is phased out with new collections.

Long Tall Sally financial director Tim Williams said: “With the Eurostop system the task of stock replenishment is not only so much easier, but also more efficient. We are able to control stock levels much easier at the end of the season, so that we are able to manage the demand and supply more effectively. It helps us to ensure that we do not overstock as we move into the next season styles.”