Staff rally round to help Rose in face of Green's approach

Marks & Spencer staff are more interested in Stuart Rose's strategy announcement in 10 days' time than his share dealings, insiders say.

Despite blanket coverage in the national press of the share dealing investigation by the Financial Services Authority, staff said the inquiry is a 'sideshow' and unlikely to affect morale. Employees also said they were concerned about Philip Green's reputation and keen to work with Rose to make improvements quickly.

'Everybody is concentrating on getting product right so that Green doesn't get in,' said one source at M&S. 'Better the devil you know than Philip Green,' said another.

Former M&S marketing director Alan McWalter said: 'Like any period of change, it can be quite worrying.' However, he said there was belief among staff in Rose's ability.

An M&S spokeswoman said Rose's arrival had 'galvanised' employees.