Mo Saha, Creative planning director at pd3, shares her view of good and bad websites.

Good site:

Fashionistas have long kept the TK Maxx gold label section online a hidden secret (pick up a Celine belted rain mac for 77% off the RRP). And the actual online shopping experience is as slick and quick as Net-a-Porter but with a substantial cost benefit for customers.

Aesthetically as well, TK Maxx splashes the home page with colour and even aids the shopper’s consideration process with helpful suggestions for outfits.

The digital store distils the jumble-sale-like shop into easy-to-navigate sidebars. Dior, Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten can be picked up in a couple of clicks.

Bad site:

H&M is always a very colourful, vibrant, trend-led experience. Sadly, this does not translate online.

When shopping in the store, the new styles are pushed to the front and are easily accessible. Online, however, you must trawl through hundreds of items to find that same gem.

Group bulking of merchandise online without manageable tabs drove me from the comfort of my sofa into one of its stores to find a T-shirt I’d seen at lunchtime last week.

The website is reminiscent of the first day of a Sale – desperate girls flicking through every rack. There doesn’t really appear to be order.