Geoff Taylor, Director of client services at iForce Group, shares his view of good and bad websites.

Good site:

This site is a visual feast, enticing the customer with imagery denoting spring or luxury on its home page. Its categories are clear, quick to drop down and well chosen in terms of focus; especially geared towards gifts. Jo Malone’s beautifully presented website truly complements the brand, with good-quality imagery, excellent product descriptions, multiple giftwrap options and samples that come with every order – a truly indulgent shopping experience all round. Even its boutique locator creates a premium feel well above a regular store finder element. If only screens were scratch and sniff, this site would be near perfect.

Bad site:

Having teenage daughters, I’m no stranger to online fashion, and as they’re huge fans of H&M, I found myself placing an order on the site for all their summer needs. The site was rather stilted in navigation and imagery seemed, in some cases, to be style over substance. Also, upon paying, much of the order appeared to be ‘not in stock’, which required a wait for delivery. Thus, my summertime order arrived in four batches across six weeks, by which time the sun had apparently retired, making way for more typical British weather.

This also meant another online shop at another store, while waiting.

An expensive process all round.