David Brint, Sales and marketing director at SpinMe, shares his view of good and bad websites.

Good site: AgentProvocateur.com

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

This website is a striking example of how good imagery can bring a site to life. The homepage immediately tells you what the brand stands for – sex, luxury and empowerment, appealing to both women and men.

The ‘chase’ video is an attention-grabber and provides a dynamic centrepiece for the homepage. The ‘new in’ section is visually enticing and encourages multiple purchases by displaying complementary products when hovering over an item.

However, Agent Provocateur is missing a trick by not using 360-spin imagery, as the fit of lingerie is paramount for most women.

Bad site:Sainsburys.co.uk



By comparison Sainsburys.co.uk looks dull and old-fashioned, with a distinctly pre-internet 1980s vibe. The website seems to have been stuck together, with no attempt to filter information. Most people see Sainsbury’s as a grocer, so information about credit cards and furniture shouldn’t feature prominently on the homepage.

The quality of the imaging leaves a lot to be desired. There is no semblance of order to the way the products are displayed; in the sports section, a Hello Kitty scooter sits next to a mountain bike and a waterproof jacket. Items should be organised by price or style to help customers find them.