Inflation hits consumer confidence
Shopper numbers for the week to October 22 fell by 5.6 per cent against the same week last year, according to consumer tracking consultancy FootFall.

The consultancy said that the decline was evidence that the return of inflation to the high street is having a big impact on shopper confidence.

Footfall's index recorded a modest week-on-week increase of 1.3 per cent, in line with the seasonal trend to date. At 0.6 per cent, the increase recorded in town centres was substantially lower.

Spokesperson for Footfall Natasha Burton said: 'With a likely interest rate rise in November, this is proving to be a very frustrating year for retailers.

'We would expect the combination of the half-term holiday and Halloween to provide some relief, but consumers are clearly concerned over squeezed disposable income levels as household bills and high street prices rise.'