SF Cody to pull out of Allders as stores convert to Ocean fascia

SF Cody, the gifts retailer established by River Island's founders the Lewis family and later bought by Retail Variations, is to be rebranded.

The stores are being converted to Ocean, the homewares fascia bought by Retail Variations in June 2002. The retailer's Allders concessions are being closed.

'Allders didn't really work for us at all,' said Retail Variations chairman Robin Klein.

The concessions, which opened at about 10 Allders stores, will close by the end of August.

SF Cody shops have already been converted to the Ocean fascia at Basingstoke and Milton Keynes. Outlets at Bluewater and Manchester's Trafford Centre will be converted over the next few months. There are now seven Ocean stores, and more are in the pipeline.

'We decided it was simpler to run one brand than two and focus on the brand that is stronger. We found more of Cody's emphasis was moving to household,' said Klein.

Klein said that he hopes to expand the chain to about 30 stores.