The temptation to make Selfridges in Oxford Street store of the week on a fairly regular basis is always there for no better reason than that in a store of this size there is always something happening and, equally, always something worth looking at.

This week, it’s a new window installation designed to showcase the women’s designer ranges. It takes the form of a series of luridly red, bordello-like displays in which mannequins are doing everything from perching on trapezes to sitting on steel gantries.

There is a pleasingly circus-meets-sleaze feel about the whole scheme that makes these windows the clear winner on Oxford Street at the moment. And Selfridges has taken the theme across all of the windows on its western side – meaning that there is no possibility of missing what’s going on.

Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols constantly vie with each other to create the best looking windows in the West End and, at the moment, this display gives Selfridges the edge.