The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has issued what it sees as key priorities for the new political year, which it hopes will help retailers to emerge stronger from the recession.

The BRC has outlined key issues it wants on the political agenda and highlights the key role that retailers play in the UK economy.

Issues include suggestions for helping maintain employment, ways to limit costs, and ways to encourage free and fair trade that allow retailers to offer customers the best choice and value.

BRC director general Stephen Robertson said: “As politicians go back to Westminster they need to understand how vital retailing is to the UK. The BRC’s guide demonstrates to MPs retail’s crucial role in creating and maintaining jobs while keeping prices down. Retailers are also actively achieving wider benefits such as promoting healthier diets and ‘greener’ customer behaviour.”

He added: “The BRC has identified key retail priorities for the new political year that will allow retailers to continue to make its full contribution to the economy and social and environmental agendas. Up to the election and beyond, for every new cost and regulation they come up with, politicians should be looking to help not hinder. We also need less policy short-termism and more medium to long-term certainty to help businesses plan adequately.”