Sainsbury’s has more than doubled its range of higher welfare pork as it claims demand for affordable meat raised in better conditions has soared.

The new range of pork, which is in stores today, is bred outdoors on farms protected by Freedom Food to RSPCA welfare standards. The range, called Sainsbury’s Freedom Food Endorsed Pork, will cost about 14p more than a standard pack of two pork chops.

The range is the third RSPCA Freedom Food range to be launched by Sainsbury’s this year. It recently doubled its range of higher welfare chicken and sales are up 156 per cent year on year.

Director of Sainsbury’s brand Judith Batchelar said: “We are doing everything we can to improve animal welfare while still providing our customers with choice and good value. Sales of higher welfare chicken have risen by 156 per cent since we doubled the range, which demonstrates the strength of feeling for animal welfare issues.

“With greater availability of affordable options, our customers don’t have to compromise.”