Sainsbury's brand under the spotlight

Sainsbury's has initiated an internal brand review, which may lead to the junking of its 'Making life taste better' tagline.

Director of strategy and business development Beverly Bittner said the grocer is 'rethinking its overall brand proposition at the moment, to determine if we need to have a new tagline. We want to increase customers' perceptions of quality and value.'

Bittner said that although it is by no means certain that the line will go, Sainsbury's is researching how the brand should be positioned for consumers as its offer changes.

The grocer has pushed into non-food categories aggressively over the past couple of years, including clothing, electricals and homewares, and it wants its branding to highlight the breadth of its offer.

Last year, the retailer launched a new-style Savacentre and a high-tech store at Hazel Grove, Manchester, which are both likely to shape the direction of the business.

Teather & Greenwood analyst Dave Stoddart said: 'Sainsbury's may go for a more generic brand, while maintaining a quality and choice proposition.'

A Sainsbury's spokeswoman played down the likelihood of the tagline disappearing and said the review is to establish focus and the brand direction internally.

- Separately, Sainsbury's is investing£30 million on training over the next three years. Bittner said the investment should reduce queues and improve product availability.