Sainsbury’s has won the right to a judicial review in a battle with Tesco over plans to build a large supermarket in the West Midlands.

Wolverhampton City Council granted Tesco permission to develop a site on the city’s ring road recently. However, Sainsbury’s co-owns the Raglan Street site with Tesco and is fighting the ruling. The dispute over the site’s development has lasted for about a decade.

Sainsbury’s, which owns two thirds of the land, is questioning the council’s demand for it to give up its share.

According to local press reports, Sainsbury’s wants to convince the High Court that the planned use of a compulsory purchase order to claim the land is unlawful.

Tesco has said that it would redevelop the Royal Hospital site nearby as part of its plans to develop the land.

The development – which includes the construction of 100 houses and flats, as well as new offices for the city’s primary care trust – will cost a reported£50 million.