How can retail cash in on tourist shoppers?

London retailers are set to get a big boost from Spanish and Italian ‘shopcationers’ – people travelling to shop – this weekend.

The weak pound is making the capital the top destination for international shoppers over Europe’s Immaculate Conception public holiday, according to new data released today by Group. Group chief commercial officer of advertising and partnerships, Alessandra Di Lorenzo, says: “Our booking data shows that as many as one in ten Spaniards (11%) and Italians (10%) who have booked to travel through the site will be London-bound this weekend – up 152% and 83% respectively from the weekend before.

“And as the pound slumps we suspect that the bulk of these people are ‘shopcationers’ on the hunt for the best Christmas bargains.

“Targeting this segment with relevant, tailored ads as they plan their shopping trips can pay dividends”

Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Group

“Looking for ideas and intending to spend, these ‘fly-in’ shoppers are a lucrative group, and should be on every retailer’s radar as they gear up for their final Christmas advertising push.”

Most of these travellers were due to fly over on Thursday, with the average stay lasting four days – presenting plenty of time for retailers to draw them in with captivating offers.

But around ‘shopcation’ peaks such as this one, it’s the retailers that engage consumers before they even get on the plane that will be best placed to win the battle for their wallets.

“Targeting this segment with relevant, tailored ads as they plan their shopping trips can pay dividends,” says Di Lorenzo.

“By using insights to identify when, where and how people are travelling and spending, retailers can target them at the right time with the right messages, offers and inspiration.

”And as well as inspiring this cohort of shoppers, brands should prioritise driving footfall in-store through vouchers and discounts too.”