Retail Solutions - Thresher gets JDA stock-ordering system

After a successful two-month pilot, Thresher Group is to revamp its stock-replenishment processes. Responsibility for stock orders will move from store managers to the head office.

Trials have indicated that the retailer can reduce out-of-stocks by 10 per cent, boost on-shelf availability by 7 per cent,while reducing the quantity of stock held in stores. Thresher supply chain and buying director Stuart Higgins claimed this will also improve customer service.

The central stock replenishment (CSR) system roll out should take five weeks, starting this month, and will be bedded-in before Christmas.

The system removes the 'ordering responsibility from the shoulders of the managers', said Higgins, by automatically generating shop replenishment orders based on store profiles, sales data and planned promotions. Managers can raise concerns, initiate top-ups or fulfil special orders via a helpdesk.

CSR is part of a suite of products from JDA. Thresher already uses its Merchandise Management System for merchandising, stock accounting and promotions. The retailer is also conducting user acceptance testing of JDA's Advanced Warehouse Replenishment (AWR) module.

The group's AWR project is considered an upgrade from an existing JDA product, and is expected to be easier than the CSR migration.