Retail Solutions - Screwfix routes customer orders through Yantra

Kingfisher subsidiary Screwfix, the UK's largest online supplier of tools and hardware products, is investing in Yantra software to route customer orders between its four warehouses and handle returns.

The company is buying Yantra's Distributed Order Management and Inventory Synchronisation products, which will enable real-time 'availability to promise' for orders placed online.

The system provides a transparent view of stocks to give accurate information on availability for orders placed by phone or over the Internet.

'The system will provide us with the capability to handle customer orders, inbound supply and returns flexibly and more cost effectively,' said Screwfix Direct CIO Graham Benson. 'We will be able to maximise operating efficiencies while improving customer service levels.'

Screwfix is also buying the Supply Collaboration module that will automate purchase orders from suppliers and provide real-time track-and-trace for inbound shipments.

Yantra has signed up six major retail customers in the past 12 months.